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Provide schedulers with optimum times to schedule patient visits

iOptimize seamlessly overlays on top of your existing EMR/EHR to suggest best times to schedule a patient coming for any service or a combination of services.

The Problem

Legacy slot scheduling is extremely inefficient. Especially for cancer treatment, due to multiple service types and varying treatment durations.

Inefficiencies in scheduling lab, MD and other services can cause significant downstream impact resulting in avoidable mid-day peaks in the infusion room.

The Solution

OncoSmart's iOptimize employs rules based solution that uses adaptive algorithms to provide intelligent time suggestions while scheduling a patient's visit.

The interface seamlessly overlays onto host scheduling minimizing adoption and training challenges.

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  • See more patients with same resources

    Our proprietary algorithms utilize predictive modeling, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to generate optimal scheduling recommendations matching the specific set of services that need to be scheduled. Result is the ability to handle more capacity with the same number of resources.

  • Better nurse load balancing

    Historical data is used in conjunction with desired clinic constraints and available resources to better balance patient flow. This results in an evenly balanced patient load in the treatment room enabling nurses to have lunch on time and reduce overtime significantly.

  • No changes to current workflow

    Static optimized templates are used in conjunction with real-time EMR data for the day of visit to present optimal times for scheduling. The results are displayed as an overlay on top of the EMR scheduling screen for seamless interaction.