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Optimizing clinic operations
where it matters the most

OncoSmart™ suite of products are at the core of cancer treatment clinical operations optimizing over 1.25 million services annually. They have been developed in close partnership with one of the largest oncology groups in the nation.
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Clinical operations

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The Problem

Cancer center operations is complex
  • Very sick patients
  • Legacy slot scheduling is very inefficient
  • Challenges implementing best practices across clinics
  • Varying treatment plans and durations
  • Multiple service types
  • Staff burnout and resource constraints
  • Drug prices and practice expense pressures
  • Payer related compliance and pressures
Cancer treatment is complex

The Solution - OncoSmart™

Cancer care made easy

OncoSmart™ is a digital transformation platform that optimizes and simplifies the complexities of cancer treatment clinic operations. OncoSmart™'s clinic management, optimization, nurse assignment, business intelligence, and resource management modules empower infusion centers to better manage critical clinical resources and deliver the best in cancer care.

Cancer treatment is complex

How OncoSmart™ Works


Obtain clinic data

iClinicVue™ enables our customers to obtain and manage clinic data from multiple clinics in a centralized fashion. This helps in standardizing operating practices and maintain a consistent operation of all the clincis.


Generate optimized templates

OncoSmart’s iOptimize uses clinic configuration data, historic patient data, proven statistical models and proprietary optimization algorithms to generate day of the week time-slot templates to enable optimized scheduling.


Present optimal times

When prompted by the scheduler our scheduling assistant interacts with the EMR to retrieve current clinic data and presents an ordered list of optimal times for the patient to be scheduled.


Intelligently assign patients

In order to achieve optimal nurse load balancing, iAssign™ performs intelligent patient assignments to treatment room nurses. Our sophisticated, proprietary algorithms take into consideration multitude of variables to objectively distribute patients across nursing staff minimizing nurse burnout and resulting in best patient experience.


Monitor, get notified, and act

Our customers use iTrack™ to monitor different KPIs that impact clinic operations and take appropriate actions as needed. Receive periodic reports, set custom thresholds and get automatic notifications with recommendations to take corrective actions.


Evaluate options for efficient resource and constraint management

Perform resource and constraint optimization and analysis by modifying parameters such as available RNs, clinic operating hours, etc., to understand the impact on day to day operations. Get an in-depth understanding of bottlenecks and intelligently manage resources.


Why OncoSmart™?


Decrease in delay


Increase in capacity


Decrease in overtime


Patient Satisfaction

Oncology patients have a lot to deal with and their experience with their healthcare providers is incredibly important. One of the biggest drivers to patient dissatisfaction is extraneous wait times. With OncoSmart™, patient wait times can be dramatically reduced, allowing the patient to focus 100% of their energy on their treatment and recovery.


Revenue Optimization

Oncology scheduling can be incredibly complex. OncoSmart™ was designed from real patient data and allows oncology practices nationwide to increase their capacity to best serve growing patient demand for services, creating new revenue opportunities powered by scheduling optimization.


Staff Satisfaction

Nothing can be more stressful than caring for sick patients. Peak hours and days when the volume of patients and number of procedures surpass staffing capacities create a stressful climate for nurses and other oncology clinical staff. OncoSmart™ optimally balances nursing and clinical workloads, improving morale, staff engagement and job satisfaction, which ultimately leads to less stress and lower turnover of critical resources.


Resource Management

Perception and reality can differ significantly. We use real data and sophisticated statistical analysis algorithms to identify resource utilization. This enables our customers to objectively decide on allocation of different resources and an intelligent management of them. Outcome of such resource management leads to direct cost savings without burdening the available resources.


Decrease Operating Expenses

Suboptimal scheduling and complex treatment schedules can significantly increase the expenditures of Oncology Practices by requiring nursing staff to work long shifts, often beyond scheduled operating hours. Overtime and temporary labor expenses are a key concern for most Oncology Practices. OncoSmart™ streamlines patient scheduling, and virtually eliminates extended operating hours while reducing labor expenses.


Improve Patient Safety

OncoSmart™ improves patient safety and outcomes by stabilizing hectic and chaotic oncology environments that can easily distract and stress nurses and other clinical staff, which is known to cause patient treatment errors. With OncoSmart™, nurses and other clinical staff can take a deep breath and focus on what matters the most, the patient in front of them.

The Technology

Driven by artificial intelligence

Proprietary Optimization Engine

Custom developed state of the art optimization algorithms with innovative data models and user specifiable business rules.

Predictive Analytics

OncoSmart™'s predictive modeling engine generates a forecast model that best fits the observed pattern for each day of the week.

Artificial Intelligence

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze statistical data and derive best-in-class forecast modules.

Continuous Monitoring

Performs a detailed statistical analysis of historical patient data to predict optimal patient profiles.

Secure Cloud

Deployed in a secure cloud based environment for easy customer rollout.

HIPAA Compliant

Our solution is fully HIPAA compliant. Access is secure and content is encrypted in addition to all other requirements needed for compliancy.

Who We Are

Our team is a combination of successful entrepreneurs, inventors, academic researchers, physicians, and highly skilled Software engineers with a cumulative experience of over 100 years in these fields. With these diverse backgrounds and a unified ambition, we intend to create best products for a better future.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to solve mission critical issues in health care resulting in digital transformation, optimizations, and cost reduction for our clients.

Keep it simple; Make it powerful!

Our Technology

Our platform utilizes data analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling to create a versatile platform providing powerful and economically viable products and solutions.

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